King Walks

I recently posted an article on my own blog with the title, The King as Attacker. The sample game was between GMs Nigel Short and Jan Timman in Tilburg during 1991. The article generated this comment:

This must be the only example of the king walking across the board to give mate, cause man, I’ve seen it EVERYWHERE – LOL – last time I remember seeing it was in the 4th edition of Silman’s How to Reassess Your Chess

While Short v. Tilman is perhaps the best known example, it is far from the only example of the king marching up the board to assist in a mating attack. King walks are – admittedly – an unusual occurrence. Novices need to be very careful, since the safety of the king is utmost and moving the king across the board with heavy pieces still in play is risky.

Below are several classic examples of king walks, starting with Short v. Timman.

Glenn Mitchell