Lesser Known Masters

An interesting and productive field for research can be the games of lesser known masters. Most people study the games of the very top players in the belief that they can glean from these the secrets of success. Yet very often the main strengths of these players are things that can’t easily be emulated such as calculating ability or staying calm under pressure.

On the other hand many players who aren’t well known have some very interesting ideas about the openings and middle game. One that springs to mind is the Hungarian International Master Bela Perenyi who had a wonderfully creative mind but was unable to focus on the practical matter of just winning as many games as possible. And his life was cut short at a tragically early age.

The following game features another lesser known master and from a bygone era, Lodewijk Prins. Prins was one of the best Dutch players but was under the shadow of Max Euwe and Jan Heim Donner. Yet he could play a bit as the following game show, an interesting attacking scheme being crowned by some spectacular play at the end.