Lesson in Endgame Pawn Structure

This was an interesting game. Black had a good plan against White’s queenside expansion. His Na6 was challenging. Nigel suggested some improvements for White around move 10. He liked my 17. c5 but thought it needed an engine to be confident. And he showed how Black could have come out in front in the resulting complications.

I found Nigel’s analysis at the end was very helpful. He proposed 35. Rc6 rather than my Kd3. His line would have kept the single pawn island for White and a potential e4 outpost for his Knight. If after my 35. Kd3 Black had played 35…exd4+ Black would have started to exchange some pawns and White would have two pawn islands.

After 38. Nd3 Black has nice outposts for all his pieces.

Dan Staples