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Despite the profusion of books and DVDs on the game, one-to-one lessons remains the best way to improve your chess. However, those lessons need to be with somebody who is not merely a stronger player than yourself, but also somebody who knows how to teach in general, and how to teach chess in particular.

In my career as a chartered accountant and tax consultant, particularly at international firm Coopers & Lybrand, I was a regular presenter on internal training courses, and have a great deal of experience of presenting instructional material in general. In chess, as well as being an FM, who had a peak rating of 2376 during my playing days, I also spent almost five years living and working in Moscow. During that period, I worked with two different chess trainers myself, namely GM Valery Chekhov and IM Igor Belov. The former, an ex-World Junior Champion, is one of the most well-known junior trainers in Moscow, whilst the latter was an assistant trainer at the world-famous Dvoretsky-Yusupov school (itself based on the Botvinnik school, which produced Karpov, Kasparov and Kramnik).

As a result of these experiences, I have an almost unrivalled knowledge of Soviet/Russian training methods, and employ many of these in my own lessons. I am well-known as the author of many instructional books and articles, and reviewers have frequently emphasised my capacity for giving clear, no-nonsense advice. Before retiring from work several years ago, I had little time for training work, but I did have one particularly notable pupil – a young English lad, who came to me at age 8, with whom I worked for four years, by which time he had already made an IM norm. He later became a GM, British Champion, and reached no.15 in the FIDE ranking list. His name was Matthew Sadler. Nowadays, most of my pupils are adult club players, all of whom report significant improvements in their chess, as a result of working with me.

Lessons can be conducted by correspondence, and via Skype, with payment by Paypal. Rates are very reasonable. Please contact me via the form below for details.

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