Lessons With Nigel

At the moment I’m in the process of moving all my teaching activities to my new membership site, Tiger Chess which costs £4-95 per month. At the moment it’s not open to the public (there’s not much up there yet!) but if you’re desperate for help please contact me using the form below. I’ll send you details about how you can join Tiger Chess now and then apply to become a student. Those who are accepted get access to my online lesson scheduler after which you book yourself into my calendar at a time that works for you.

I usually have some availability for adult (preferably over 30!) students who are serious about improving their chess, but you should be willing to put some work in and be prepared to listen and change. I enjoy teaching and those who put the time in get results.

My main strengths as a teacher are that I’m very committed to helping people improve and have a very broad and clear perspective on the improvement process. Despite being a GM I’ve worked a lot with beginners which helps a lot in gauging the right level at which to pitch things.

The main focus of my teaching approach is on developing what I term layered pattern recognition by which students develop fluency with ever more subtle patterns at a subconscious level. Progress in this area can also be tied into one’s emotional state during a game, so students often get a recommendation to take up some form of meditation or tai chi (!) in order to think more clearly under pressure.

Lessons are designed for you to analyse and hone your thinking skills with me by going through your games or via a guided ‘guess the move’ game. They are also the time to ask any questions and get guidance about suitable openings and study material that will help you develop your understanding. They are conducted using Skype and I will share my screen with you. So you need to have this program installed, together with some basic familiarity as to how it works and a reliable broadband connection. Some of the cheaper broadband services can be frustratingly bad which is why I use the award winning Zen Internet. Having said that some other broadband providers also seem OK.

The Tiger Chess members site will also have online video (coming soon), exercises which require high attention levels and other informations. It is being designed either as a stand alone source or as a supplement to lessons.

Tiger Chess members can book first lessons (or special requests requiring preparation) for £42-50 whilst standard lessons (analyzing your games or a directed ‘guess the move’ game) are £27-50. Payment is via Paypal and you pay for the lesson as part of the booking process which can be done up to 24 hours before any lesson. Rescheduling can also be done through the system up to 24 hours before lessons.

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