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Age 72, still plays chess. Recently I was diagnosed with HepC, or should I say after 50 years of the thing I was re-diagnosed and began a new form of treatment – the side effects of this wonder drug ( cocktail) are mild compared to the previous treatment for it – but still has its effects: fatigue during the day, and insomnia at night. For sleeping I’ve been taking another drug but for fatigue there is nothing but living through it. In the meantime, to fight off the treatments’ side effects , as well as try to fight off possible effects of again, I’ve enrolled in two tournaments that are one game a week affairs. One is a club level and the other is for more serious players, and that is called Marathon Chess at the Mechanics Institute in San Francisco. That tournament is run by the redoubtable IM John Donaldson, a wonderful man and player. Read more about it at, the website for the Mechanics Institute. When I was living in Berkeley i used to go there more often. John hooked me up with a collegial player who also lives in the North Bay, making the drive in more companionable and possible.

My score after three rounds is 2.5, and here is my latest game from it. Lazar is a friend who is aging like me, and is a strong Russian player.

I haven’t played the Kings Indian Lately and only decided on it at the last moment. I was pretty sure i would be facing 1.d4 though, and had been thinking more along the Nimzo Lines. But it used to be my favorite from years ago.

Ed Rosenthal


Author: Edward Rosenthal

Ed is a freelance web designer who enjoys playing chess. He won Rochester NY the year before Mikhail Tal won over Mikhail Botvinnik - (Look it up). He formerly worked at Lawrence Berkeley Lab in the consulting and business programming departments and spent several years freelancing as Oracle and Informix Database Admin. His interests include reading & writing Poetry, Dog rescue with his wife Pam, WordPress, among other things. Visit him at