Marines And Mindfulness

I’m often touting Chi Kung as a way for players to develop more energy and be more relaxed during tournaments. So it was interesting to read that the US Marines have been testing the effects of meditation, another member of the family of Asian arts, with some interesting results.

According to this article by Vanessa Gregory the meditating marines experienced greater mental agility, reduced anxiety, slept better and improved memory, which needless to say can be rather useful for chess players too. I know that several Grandmasters have found meditation very useful but it’s useful to have US military backing for my view.

I’m convinced that Chi Kung (or Qigong) would be even more effective but problem here is in finding good tuition. Having said that there are good teachers around if you do some serious research (lineage plus their ability to throw you around a conservatory), for example this guy might be someone worth listening to: