Master Game: Hort – Pfleger

As readers will have noticed I really do love this old series. This game is one that I remember from those times which was won nicely by Vlastimil Hort in an excellent technical game.

The opening is quite interesting, this line of the Caro-Kann having a somewhat shady reputation despite having been played by a host of great players (Alexander Alekhine, Saveilly Tartakover, Salo Flohr, Victor Korchnoi, Ulf Andersson and others). However, I think this is partly due to some of the players who’ve played it with Black adopting it as a kind of emergency solution to ‘avoid theory’. And when they do this they won’t have a great knowledge of many of the available finesses.

Here’s the second part showing Hort converting his plus in his opponent’s time trouble.

The accents are great of course and many of the players would have made excellent Bond villains. Hort in particular influenced a host of imitators amongst the young English players of the day. Actually you can buy a Chessbase DVD of Hort commentating on his games, just follow the link below.

Facing The World Champions by Vlastimil Hort