Minority interests (1)

The QGD Minority Attack is a very popular choice for white players, mainly because of the apparent simplicity of White’s play – “you just develop, play Rab1. b4-b5, bxc6 and then exploit the weak pawns”. It is true that in practice, White scores disproportionately well at almost all levels, but this is only because black players tend to lack a decent understanding of how to handle their position. When really great players are Black in such structures, the white system usually looks much less impressive. Over the next few weeks, we will look at a few classic examples of how to play the black structure.
Rule number one for Black is to try to exchange light-squared bishops, thereby weakening White’s control of c4. Rule number two is: having done so, put a knight on d6. These two things, if achieved, will usually be enough to render the white Q-side play ineffective, whereupon Black can attack on the kingside.
The following game is a classic example of the strategy.

Steve Giddins