Minority Interests (2)

Another example of the strategy seen in Bobotsov-Petrosian can be seen below, but with an added twist. As well as exchanging light-squared bishops and getting his knight to d6, Black also plays the prophylactic advance b7-b5, preventing the Minority Attack from proceeding. This is an excellent strategy, if Black can then occupy c4 with a knight (thus sheltering his weak c6-pawn). The other crucial factor in the success of the b5-plan is that Black have a firm grip on the e4-square – if White can answer …b5 by breaking in the centre with e4, Black’s strategy can prove incorrect (the classic example of this will be shown next week).
In this example, everything works perfectly for Black. Having secured his queenside, he turns to the attack on the kingside, a decisive sacrifice on e3 crowning a model demonstration.
A lovely and highly instructive game, made all the more impressive for the fact that it was a blindfold game!

Steve Giddins