More 2015 Colorado Closed Championship and Scholastic Championship

Life is full of little ironies for the stupid – P.J. O’Rourke

One irony of chess is that sometimes the most satisfying games artistically are the competitive stumbling blocks. For example, we present two games from the recent 2015 Colorado Closed Championship and Scholastic Championship in which a lower section winner suffered a loss, These were, in my opinion, two of the most exciting games of their respective sections of the tournament. Afterwards, we present two outstanding games from the top section.

Victor Huang won the Colorado Closed Scholastic Championship 2015 on tiebreaks. Perhaps his most entertaining game was his 4th round loss to 6th-place Daniel Herman, who is up a knight at move 35. The easy win is 37 … Qxc5, but instead Herman has to win the game all over again with a lot of luck.

The Challenger section was won by student and young giant Gunnar Anderson, who is edged out in sharp play by 5th-place Chris Peterson.

Here is one of my favorite games from the Championship, in which 2nd-place Ponomarev wins a game from 3rd-place Bloomer that is positionally on knife’s edge from the fifth move.

This 3rd round game effectively won the 2015 Colorado Closed Champion title for Lior Lapid. In the diagrammed position, White threatens to win the queen for two minors.

Jacques Delaguerre