My Chess Goals for 2015 – 2016

Review of My Chess Goals for 2015

This time of the year I would normally review my chess goals for the year that is ending and post my chess goals for the new year on my personal chess blog. However, I have been remiss in doing this for the past two or three years so there are no written goals for me to review this year. So, I will summarize my unwritten chess goals and then post the new, official, chess goals here. I am posting them on this chess blog so that I can get more people reading them and holding me accountable to reach them.

On my personal chess site, I have an About Me page that is at My history as a chess player can be found there.

My current USCF over-the-board (OTB) rating is in the low 1500 range. My latest USCF correspondence chess rating is 2147. My current chess rating at ICCF is 2052 after 117 games.

My latest rating at Stan’s NetChess is 2579 and my overall record there is 70-12-6. That sounds impressive until you consider how overrated the players on that site are. My record at Stan’s NetChess can be found at

My record at Internet Chess Club (ICC) is:

rating        [need]    win loss draw total best
Bullet        1330       [8]  0      2        0       2
Blitz           1302       [8] 83     92     24     199 1441 (13-Mar-2005)
Standard  1936       [6] 453   581  176   1210 2033 (11-May-2012)
5-minute   851        [8] 1        2      0        3

I did not play any Over the Board chess games in 2015 so there was no improvement there at all.

My Chess Goals for 2016

Starting in January of 2016 I plan to start playing in Over the Board (OTB) chess tournaments. I intend to play every month that there is an OTB chess tournament within walking distance of where I live or when I can get a ride to and from these events. I also intend to get back to an even score or better in all of the events that I play in and to get my USCF OTB chess ratings back over 1600 points.

In USCF rated correspondence chess I failed to get my rating over 2200 points, but I came close with a high of 2170 points. I do not have any USCF rated correspondence chess games going right now and I am awaiting pairings in two Walter Muir sections. Because of my current rating, I am waiting for enough USCF rated players to make an expert/master section. I am also going to start playing in snail mail events again even though there were problems with this in the past.

In ICCF chess I plan to enter more events and to get that rating over 2100 points for the first time.

I still have a tournament at Stan’s NetChess that I am entered in and I am awaiting my pairings in the next round. My goal there is to simply finish this event.

Chess Related Goals for 2016

I have made a cover for a chess book that I have not started writing yet. The cover is below. My goal here is to finish this book by the end of June 2016 and to have it published a few days later.

Cover for 4 Knights Sicilian Book

I also intend to get a really nice chess board and set and a table like the ones that are pictured below.

Fancy Chess Board and Set

Fancy Chess Table

Mike Serovey