My Final Game in Adrian Hollis Memorial Tournament

My final game in the Adrian Hollis Memorial Tournament on the ICCF Webserver finished as a draw with Black against ICCF GM Richard Hall, the World Silver Medalist in the 25th ICCF World Championship Final. My final score being 4 / 10 (+1, =6, -3), which included loss of a level game due to my ‘clerical error’ which should never have happened! I did manage a win and, considering that I was the lowest rated player, I hope not to finish in last place! This was reputed to be one of the strongest ever UK correspondence chess tournaments with all UK players. This was also one of the first tournaments to include the six piece endgame tablebase rule in which you are able to claim a win or draw when only six pieces remain on the board. I managed at the end of my game to ensure a draw with 77…Ra5+. The current state of play can be viewed here .

There are only 8 remaining games in play, but it looks increasingly likely that GM Nigel Robson, who is currently leading with 6 / 8 (+4, =4, -0) will not be caught, even by GM Richard Hall with 3 / 5 (+1, =4, -0), unless Richard can win all of his 5 remaining games. In theory, SIM Russell Pegg and SIM Nigel Burne also have a chance of a shared or unshared first place. Unfortunately, it is not possible to view games in progress.

GM Nigel Robson has just started play in the ICCF 29th World Championship Final. His opponents include two former World Champions, GM Fabio Finnocchario of Italy and GM Aleksadr Dronov of Russia. Nigel is already the IECG World Champion, can he do the double? We wish him the very best of luck!

John Rhodes