Nimzo’s Knights

As last week’s game showed, Nimzowitsch’s blockading knights were a great feature of his play. This week’s game sees a very strong master humiliated by the said steeds. After being landed with the doubled pawns, Mattison fails to seize the early chances to activate his position, even at the cost of a pawn, by c4-c5 or a later Nd2. Instead, he plays aimlessly and allows Nimxowitsch to establish an unbreakable grip. From move 15 onwards, it is all one-way traffic, and White resigns on move 23 in a position where, for the moment at least, he still has material equality. However, that is a purely temporary state of affairs, as the pawns on a2, c3 and e4 are all dropping off in short order.

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Steve Giddins