Nothing Is Free: Using Limited Resources.

You might have heard this while playing chess which is equally related to business and life. Success is depends on how you balance your resources. For example, devoting most of your time to chess development means you are sacrificing your personal life somewhere. While in business, allocating more budget for one department means you take it from another. The reason is that we all have limited resources.

How should your allocate or distribute your resources in order to get success? Well, as a management fellow, I could say that you need to use your resources optimally.

What are the resources in chess? I have already written article on it. Today I am going to talk how you can use all your resources, so what are the factors that need to be considered here?

Prioritizing your tasks and choosing the right resources are a key element. Sometimes you have an advantage on the queenside but the opponent’s pieces are on the kingside, ready to attack. Then your priority must be king safety and you should therefore bring your resources to the kingside. On the other hand sometimes you will see that if you succeed in attacking queenside first, your opponent won’t be able to launch an attack on the other side of the board.

For more understanding here is an example:

Here you can see that white’s pieces are directed towards the Black’s king so Black’s priority should be king safety. Now you are having mainly two resources
1. Transfer your pieces to kingside
2. Generate counter play on queenside before White’s kingside attack

What you choose is matter of testing, experience and knowledge.

Another important parameter could be the focus on one direction, a common cause behind failure in life, business and chess. Frequently changing books, coaches or openings can lead nowhere, it’s much better to follow a single direction so as to master one particular area. Follow a good source of information with full focus and you will definitely get results. Following the same example, I had chosen counter attack, but then if I changed my mind later on then the chances of success became minimal. Previously I was very much afraid of White’s attack in this position, then Nigel gave me 2 moves free and asked me to show if White has any real attack and if the king is not sufficiently defended. From that day my results from this position improved a lot.

Ashvin Chauhan