Old News

Since I returned to tournament chess in 2011 after a hiatus of 20 years, I’ve had an … “interesting” time with the openings.

Having depended heavily on memorization in my earlier years, I found I needed a reset.

Easier said than done. My best games have consistently been those where there was no opening: I was calculating from the first move. That’s hard to do when you play into lines where you have studied.

Today’s game was one of those games. Played in 2011, I had only the vaguest ideas of the modern English opening, but as you will see it worked out okay.

I’m still shuffling my repertoire. Dutifully I have recently pursued more mainline stuff than I had been playing. The results have been mediocre. I feel like I’m wearing someone else’s clothes. I can’t stay interested and blunder aimlessly.

I think it’s back to my simple-is-better game theory approach to the Chess in the coming tournaments.

Jacques Delaguerre