Opening Creativity

Grandmaster Davies calls it passive-aggressive, but I like to open the game with 1. g3.  The Opening Formerly Known As Benko’s Opening, the Hungarian Opening, the King’s Fianchetto Opening, etc., allows scope for creativity as early as White’s fourth move because the theory is most assuredly not firmed up.

Whatever you call it, 1. g3 is not a bid for initiative. Black generally grabs some center and White assumes a responsive formation à la the Modern Defense reversed. Black gets the initiative, but what to do? My opponents below expert are often in serious trouble by the eighth or ninth move.

Such was not the case tonight. Dr. Leathwood, a professor of music and noted teacher of classical guitar, English by birth, American by naturalization and a relative novice to tournament play, was alert, calm and played a good game. Had he played 42. Bg4xh5 he would in due course have won the game, but by that move he only had one second on his clock and the five-second delay.

Jacques Delaguerre