Pretty Potent Pawn Play Followed By Bad Blunder

Nigel said I played this well, until I didn’t.

I had a minority attack and should have won a pawn on move 32. I decided to keep my bishop versus Knight. I thought I could weaken his Queenside enough that the long range power of the bishop would be worth it. And all rook ending are drawn of course. Nigel quickly disabused me of this error. He said Black would simply be a good pawn up. He could worry about winning the game later. Playing, as I did, 32…b4 made no sense to him.

Nigel though that my 20…Qf6 didn’t seem quite right and thought I had taken on d4 too early (18…cxd4).

My advantage dwindled and then I moved my King too far from my Kingside pawns and lost.

Dan Staples