Pupil Referral Unit and Chessity

I talked to teachers at a Yorkshire Pupil Referral Unit (PRU) today about ways of teaching their students.

Part of my role for Chess in Schools and Communities is to reconnect with schools we’ve taught in previously. We taught at this PRU a few years ago. I was really pleased to learn that chess is still going strong there. All 50 children across the two sites play chess every Friday afternoons.

Children referred to a PRU don’t tend to stay there for long so following our curriculum wouldn’t make sense. I showed them the following variants:

Pawn game
Rook game
Pirate chess
First check

I’m back there later in the term for a simul with the children.

I taught at a PRU in London. On my first day six big children (I was used to primary sized ones) came to the classroom. While they did sit down and we did ‘chess’ for a bit they soon got up and exited through the window. Not a great start but things improved!

Nigel encourages students to do regular calculation training. I’ve found Chessity an excellent resource for this and endeavour to do a daily practice. Their free app is useful.

This is a puzzle (that I got wrong!) that struck me as interesting.

Dan Staples