Qualities Other Than Chess Knowledge

In my opinion, you can’t become better chess player if you are just after chess knowledge. There are some other qualities that are essential if you want to improve your game.

Visionary –
Being a management fellow and chess player, I can see a clear relationship between good chess players and managers. Both are able to see possible outcomes better than the opponents. In order to develop vision I have a creative thought in my mind which is that you should put yourself in real life critical situation where there is some risk associated with your every decision, for example mountain tracking.

Cunning –
My ex boss was very cunning by nature but he knew very little about chess. We had played two or three chess games and I have to accept that he was playing very well, not because of his knowledge but because of his ability to creating problems for his rivals. Similarly I have observed that at chess clubs some people with cunning minds can play better chess. I believe you can develop the same quality if you are emotional stable and practical.

Creativity –
You will find a few tips to develop creativity from my earlier articles. Today’s chess is much more memory based but you can find beauty of chess in traditional grandmasters’ chess. Here is game which is considered one of Bobby Fischer’s highest creative achievements. While watching this game a year ago I was not able to stop myself from clapping for the chess legend:

All these qualities are required to make better decisions at the chess board which you can improve by studying things other than chess books and videos. Sometimes you should think outside the box as this picture illustrates:

Think Outside The Box

Think Outside The Box

Ashvin Chauhan