Queen’s Gambit Declined Declined

1. P-Q4 P-Q4 leads to nothing.
– Bobby Fischer

I play much better than I did 30 years ago when my rating was higher. I depended more on memorization 30 years ago than I do now.

Returning with White from 1. g3 to my love of long ago 1. d4 I find that I sometimes lose the thread of the internal logic of that opening.

In a way that’s good, because I then have to work out precisely why tactically and positionally to play moves formerly played on visual beauty or on faith.

In today’s game, it certainly occurred to me during the game that in the old days I would have played 7. Qc2 instead of 7. Rc1. 7. Rc1 was a “safety”, taking refuge in a more familiar position.

Beyond memorization, I did imbibe the spirit of the Queen’s Gambit Declined, so it’s disappointing that I didn’t mobilize with 12. Qe2 etc. before proceeding with e3-e4. Apparently my Queen’s Gambit Declined has itself declined somewhat and needs brushing up. Nonetheless, my plan obtained an even game.

Luckily for me, after I began to drift slightly with 27. g4 my opponent overlooked my blunderous 41. Kg5?? which is tantamount to self-mate.

Jacques Delaguerre