Recognising the Patterns #23

The pattern I am going to discuss today is very simple and can be used in the opening to get better control over center, whilst in the endgame often you can save the game with it when you are pawn down. I called it chicky fork trick. Here are some examples:

In the Opening

The following position arose after these moves:

1.e4 e5
2.Nf3 Nc6
3.Nc3 Bc5

Now White can play:

4.Nxe5! Nxe5

If 4…Bxf2+ then 5. Kxf2 followed by d4, with powerful control over center and two bishops. Refer the game played between Capablanca against Liebenstein in 1913.


Regaining piece with better control over center.

In the Endgame

Here black is pawn down but can save the game easily using the fork trick again.


The only move to save the day

2. exd5 Kd6

On the next move Black can regain the pawn and achieve a well known drawish position.

The same can be used in middle game in order to open up lines for your pieces but I believe that area should be covered while discussing pawn levers, so I have refrained from discussing this here.

Ashvin Chauhan