Recognising the Patterns : Challenge # 8

Today’s Challenge: Find the typical pattern and react accordingly. It’s White to move

Joel Benjamin against H. Carter 1982

Q: Can you see a win for White based on one of the classical method of checkmating?

Hint: You need to open up the h-file and a2-g8 diagonal in order to finish.


In the game White played as follows:

11. Nxd5

Opening up the a2-g8 diagonal.


11…Bb4+ can be met by 12. Nxb4+ or 12. Kf1, but not c3 (work out on your own why c3 is not possible).
11…Qa5+ can be met by 12. Nc3+ followed by a sac on g6 and mate in a few moves.

12. Bxd5+ Kh8

12…Rf7 can be met by 13.Bxf7+ Kf8 14. Qxh7, which is just winning. Now comes another sac to open up h file.

13. Ng6+ hxg6
14. h5

This opens the h-file by force.

15. c3 Qxd5
16. hxg6+ Kg8

Here comes the typical manoeuvre which leads to Damiano’s Mate.

17. Rh8+ Kxh8
18. Qh3+ Kg8
19. Qh7#

This method of checkmating is called Damiano’s mate.

Abram Y Model against Grigory Abramovich Goldberg in 1932

Q: Is it wise to capture on g4?
A: It is better to play 19. Rfe1 though black is still having initiative but far from winning. But in the game white took on g4 and game ended quickly.

19. hxg4 Qe3+!
20. Rf2

This seems to be the only move.


Not only opening up the h-file but also threatening g4-g3, which can’t be met.

21. Qa5 Rc8

22. Bxb7 g3

Threatening mate on the next move. If 22. g3 then 22…Qxe4 is winning.

23. Raf1

Now we see the typical manoeuvre in order to access h file with Queen.

24. Kxh1 Qh6+
25. Kg1 Qh2#

Ashvin Chauhan