Return of the Dead Eyes

Fans of this blog may have noticed that I have not posted a new article in a year. Around 20 July 2016 I had a brain stroke, A blood clot hit the right side of my brain and that did quite a bit of damage. A year later I still can barely see or feel a keyboard! That has made writing articles very difficult! Luckily, I found a doctor that will perform the cataract surgery that I have needed for the past year. I will still need glasses for reading and I will still have a huge blind spot on my left side.

I was in Penrose hospital for 3 days before I was transferred to the VA hospital that is in Denver, Colorado.

While I was in these hospitals I could not log into the ICCF server to take a time out or play a move. That, in turn, caused me to lose several cc games on time forfeit. My ICCF rating took a big hit!

Luckily, I was able to enter new events and I have had some decent results in them.

The game below is one of my recent draws with an expert on ICCF.

After my eye surgeries are completed and I can finally see again, I will write regular articles again. I will “see” you all then!

Mike Serovey