Right or Left, Use It As It Is Yours

Recently an article on human brain catch my attention because of its title ‘Chess Grandmasters use twice the brain’ as the findings are supported by scientific experiment.

Merim Bilalic at the University of Tübingen in Germany used fMRI to scan the brains of eight international chess players and eight novices while they identified either geometrical shapes or whether the pieces on a chess board were in a check situation. The expert players were quicker at solving the chess problem, activating areas on both sides of their brains as they did so. The novices used just the left side. (Full Article)

As I am very much a result oriented guy, these findings lead me to investigate tricks and tools to activate the right brain. How can we use our right brain optimally? Here are some of the top tricks given by some of researchers.

‘Use it or loss it’ is the simple principle that works even for the brain. The right side of the brain driven by feelings, beliefs, imagination and subjective thinking so:

1. Imagine, through photographic memory for example, that you are in your office observe your surroundings and remember the details with your eyes closed. Doing this regularly will strengthen our power of observation.
2. Do some paintings, play some instruments, dance on your favourite tune; just experiment for your brain sake.
3. Play some table tennis, tennis or badminton as thinking of some strategy, visualising and implementing it immediately, delighting your right brain
4. Write with another hand; try is out as there is nothing to lose.

Please spend your 3 min for the following video; it might be really helpful to you.

Ashvin Chauhan