Secrets of the Correspondence Chess World Champion!

In these days of ever increasing technology and computer power what does the current correspondence chess world champion do to beat the other guys?  Fabio Finocchiaro of Italy has recently given an interview to the International Correspondence Chess Federation in which he outlines his winning strategy.

Asked how he prepares for an important tournament like the world championship, Fabio reveals that he studies the games of his opponents. Well, I suppose we all do that, …..don’t we?

Asked when he studies those games, whether he uses any opening databases or chess engines for analysis, Fabio replies that he uses a well known database program, a mega database for 2012 and a correspondence database for 2012. This is something we all do, ….surely?  Well, maybe not, as to keep up with the very latest super databases can be quite costly and does that guarantee success? I very much doubt it. I do not know whether Fabio uses any chess engines in conjuction with these databases, nor what his opponents use when playing him. Fabio won five games and drew fifteen, without loss, to win the world championship, so he does play very well, but I think his secrets remain with him!

Fabio has annotated one of his most challenging games in the 25th World Championship: –

John Rhodes