Sicilian Dragon: The Yugoslav Attack

This article aims at beginners and intermediate players to provide basic strategy to play against Sicilian Dragon. The most dangerous attacking setup against Sicilian Dragon is the Yugoslav Attack where White’s plan is fairly simple but nonetheless very strong.


1. White’s light square bishop usually exchange the Black’s knight on c4 (the knight attacks the queen on d2 and bishop on e3), otherwise that bishop will have great potential on the a2-g8 diagonal (refer to Fischer vs. Larsen – sac sac and mate).

2. White is aiming to exchange the dark-square bishop on h6. And in the absence of his dark square bishop the safety of Black’s king can be compromised.

3. White will open the h-file with the h2-h4-h5 thrust.

4. Lastly White will try to remove the knight from f6 in order to deliver checkmate along the h file and probably h7 or h8.


Black’s main counter play is heavily reliant on the counter attack along the c- file and a1-h8 diagonal. Here is a game which I believe, covers the above mentioned points and can be served as model game to beginners.

On my next article I will present this game with more notes. Meanwhile the reader is invited to figure out what was going on.

Ashvin Chauhan