Small But Important Things

Whatever you do, whatever you see, whatever you eat haw an effect on your body and mind.

In this article I would like to focus on things other than chess for example your food, your hobbies and other interests etc.

Avoid too much spicy food: I have observed that Asians eat more spicy food than Westerners. Spicy food has a direct relation to your anger according to Ayurvedic teachings. How is this related to your chess improvement? Well anger has a direct relation to your thinking. If you observe carefully you will find that people with angry nature think impulsively, which is not a good sign while you are planning to improve in chess.

Listen to slow music: Many of you will agree with me that music has a great effect on your mood. For example I feel very sad while listening sad songs in my native language. If you do your chess preparation with slow and joyful music, you will find that the quality of this preparation improves. I have already experimented with this and the results are good.

Meditation and maths: Concentration is a key to success in chess. Most of us know that meditation and yoga are very helpful in improving concentration but who does this? And how is maths useful? If you solve a simple maths sum (start from 3 digits – you can increase it with your level) in your mind without using a calculator or pen and paper, you will find that your visualization skills are improving.

Be calm in the worst conditions: The most successful Indian cricket team Caption, M S Dhoni is famous for his cool nature for any situations and brings victory to India in the worst conditions. This is also relevant to other sports.

Reading: Like music, reading has a great impact on your thoughts. Read good and inspirational books in your free time or even while you are travelling. For example, reading Swami Vivekananda’s thoughts.

Don’t forget that these small things have an enormous effect.

Ashvin Chauhan