Something from me (2)

Recently, I played in the National B tournament in India and got a 47 point rise in my rating. I experienced a few things that I would like to share with you. Hopefully it will you help you in improving your chess.

Keep your opponent under pressure:
We all know that chess is a game of mistakes, but nobody will make them for free. You have to provoke them. The more you put pressure on your opponent, the more chance there is that he will make mistakes. Here are the examples:

This is my game against a 1951 rated player (225 points higher rated than me) and we reached this position after move 37:

In this game I had caught a player who is 281 points higher rated than me.

So I came to the conclusion that if you generate small threats, your opponent will definitely come under pressure and be more likely to make mistakes.

Try to read your opponent’s mind: This is a very useful technique. In the following game I saw that my opponent wanted to win the game and he was very interested in not exchanging the queens. Using this fact I set a nasty trap and he falls into it. Chess is a war between two minds and board is only reflection of our thoughts. We reached the following position after move 27.

Ashvin Chauhan