Something from me

As you know mostly I write on news but from now on I will be writing on various topics other than chess news so I was very much excited while writing this post as this is originally something from me.

While teaching chess to my students I give following general rules for tactics.

  • Always look for undefended piece of opponent and yours
  • Count Every checks and Intermediate checks
  • Try to watch every relative captures on the board

As personally I was believed that if we strictly follow above rules every tactical motifs can be covered like pin, double attack, discovered attack etc etc..

But recently I played a game in parsvnath Chess competition which force me to add something to the captioned rules and that is quiet move.

Technically quiet move is the move that neither captures anything, checks nor directly attacks enemy piece but that move sometimes change all calculations all over the board and turned to be a fatal for you or your opponent.

Below position was arised from my recent game against Ayush Garg rated 100 points elo more than me. I played slav exchange as suggested by my mentor though its drawish reputation, I scored more than 80% in the same. After tough struggle I reached to below mentioned position.

Diagram 1

Though my position is quite promising, I offered him a pawn and played Nd2 so he took my pawn on a2 now came my move that was kc4! See the diagram.

Diagram 2

After his replied Ba3 which has been answered by b4!! And now there is no other good move for him except resign however he played for some moves which are not necessary to show.

No combination, no sacrifices no bold attack but a simple move can change the outcome of the game that is the beauty of the chess!!!