Space Advantage On The King Side

A White pawn on e5 in openings like the French Defence can give White a space advantage on the Kings side and help him build a strong attack. In particular, a pawn on e5 drives away a Black Knight from f6, and this weakens the defences of the Black King.

In this week’s problem, White can win using the weak Black King as a target. How does White win?

In last week’s problem, White wins with 1. Ke4! Bd8 2. b6! Ka6 3. Ke5 Bg5 4. h7 Bc1! 5. Kd6 Bxb2 6. Kc7 Be5+ and it is zugzwang. Black must allow White to play b7 and Kc7 promoting a pawn.

Steven Carr

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