Tactics Practice

When I started chess I was not very good at tactics. My Dad explained that this was a very important area and since then I have solved over 100,000 tactical positions. The first 70-80k were using the tactics software from ChessOK and after that I have done daily practice on Chessity.

At the moment I’ve solved just less than 30,000 positions on Chessity, which ranks 22nd for the most positions solved on the site. My real ranking might be higher than that as some accounts may have quite a few people using them.

The following game shows this training paying off with the 16…Bxc5 followed by 17…Qxc4 combination.

Sam Davies


Author: Sam Davies

Sam Davies is the 15 year old son of GM Nigel Davies and a keen chess player in his own right. After a slow start with the game he has made rapid progress in the last few years and is now winning tournaments. Unlike other juniors he does not play in junior tournaments and likes playing positional chess.