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“Strategy requires thought, tactics require observation”
Max Euwe

This is an interesting puzzle because it requires astute observation to bring black the full point. It is easy to see the available 1… Qh1+ 2.Kg3 Qg2+ 3.Kh4 … How do you follow it up though? Please give it a try before reading on.

Having the move is an important advantage. It is similar with having the ball and the attack in basketball or American football. You get the opportunity to finish it with a few possible results (no score or score more or less points), depending on how you execute it. In chess the execution relies heavily on tactics and tactics are dependent on observation. We have observed right off the bat how black takes control over the light squares; White however plans to escape using the dark squares. The g6- and h6-pawns could help with that, but we must be careful how we plan this. The e7-bishop could be sacrificed for both of them, exposing Kg8 and muddying the water. This brings us to Bg7; how can we use it properly? First and foremost we must ensure offering it for free with 1… Be5+ is a Greek gift; once we do that, we are ready to piece together the right move order.

Have you solved it yet? Please read on my take on it and compare it with yours:

Did you get it right? Do you prefer the 2… Bxf4+ or 2… g5 line? Hope you will remember the weakness and strength of the bishop and the battery bishop + queen: both control only one colour. If you have any games and/ or positions you would like me to look at, please do not hesitate to let me know. I will gladly include them in my column for everyone’s benefit. Looking forward to your messages!

Valer Eugen Demian

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