The Good Players Are Usually Lucky

The good players are usually lucky. – Jose Raul Capablanca
You make your own luck. – Yogi Berra

Nine-year-old Sullivan McConnell is becoming a holy terror and climbing the ratings ladder. He could have equalized with 10… d5 instead of 10… Ne7.

For my part, I held the advantage after move 10 until the lame 37. Be3.  The moves 37. Bd2 or even 37. Bd6 were preferable.

Sullivan only lost due to his blunder on move 39 when 39… Kf7! was an immediate draw. 39… Kh7? lost material. It didn’t have to be a whole bishop, but he would rather that than two pawns.

The verdict: One needs luck to win starting with 1. g3, but I should learn to play more incisively in order to seize the luck earlier in the game.

Jaques Delaguerre