The Intuition – There is no short-cut

Recently I read an article of Jonah Lehrer on Carlsen and chess intuition . According to Lehrer, The use of computers actually enhances chess intuition but I am not agree at all with Mr. Lehrer as Mikhail Tal, possibly the most intuitive player in chess history who was not having computers what I understand is that chess Intuition is the reflection of your chess knowledge.

To support my view more, I would like give example of myself from recently played Parsvnath International tournament at New Delhi with net 42 points loss in my chess rating. After analysing my games from opening point of view I came to conclusion that I scored very well with the line that has reputation of most drawish opening ever. That is Slav exchange; I scored 3.5 out of 4. In above games I didn’t calculate much, just played on my intuition with a better feel that oh in this position if I got endgame I will win. From where did the feel come? As before 2 years, neither I was having such kind of feel sense nor did I play games against computers. So I realised it is nothing but a result of a systematic training given by my mentor Nigel Davies. In my view, intuition is not skill that person obtain with born but it can be acquire with good amount of practise and gaining of sensible information/ knowledge. I found below video on youtube in order to support my argument.