The Lost Art Of Chess Analysis And Self Realization

Kevin Spraggett has published this excellent article which echoes my recent thoughts on ‘Computer Analysis Dumps‘.

I do have a further thought on this issue, one of them being that the reliance on computer analysis is degrading chess as a means of self realization. By testing the quality of OUR OWN THOUGHTS in analysis and play we can learn much about ourselves, but when we rely on what the computer says this aspect of the game is lost.

Of course some may believe that such matters are secondary to the raising of one’s Elo and the ego gratification that results. But I think they are wrong on both counts, more traditional methods of chess study (with the computer present as a tool, but being kept in the background) are both more effective and more intrinsically valuable for personal growth.

I’ll be revisiting this area tomorrow with some notes on a recent interview with Vishwanathan Anand.