The Master Game: Donner – Miles

Here’s another game from the great BBC series The Master Game in which the giant Jan Heim Donner and Tony Miles punch themselves to a standstill in an interesting and instructive game. Sadly neither of these two great personalities are with us now but we can still get to watch them on Youtube.

I’m not convinced that defending the Nimzo was the optimal choice as Black against Donner given the Dutchman’s massive experience as White in this opening. Something more provocative like The English Defence (1.d4 e6 2.c4 b6) might have been more appropriate. As the game progresses Miles gives up a couple of pawns but has play against White’s king even in the endgame.

Here’s the second part:

Besides being a strong Grandmaster in his prime, Donner was a very entertaining chess writer. You can get a selection of his artciles in a really great book entitled The King: Chess Pieces. It’s available from here in the US or here in the UK, and whilst it’s not particularly geared to improvement it does provide some interesting insights into the game.