The Master Game: Schmid – Byrne

In many ways this game was a rather dull and short draw but this gave the producers the problem of how to spend an entire program on it. The result was that we got a subtle explanation of Lothar Schmid’s unusual opening which makes it well worth watching. Normally White meets 1.e4 c5 2.Ne2 d6 with 3.g3, but 3.c4 is far from easy for Black to meet and leads to a kind of English Opening.

It’s also worth noting that the former British Champion Reginald Broadbent used to like 2.c4 against the Sicilian, but having the moves Ng1-e2 and …d7-d6 cuts down on Black’s options.

Here’s the second part of the game with which Schmid qualified for the finals and then won against Walter Browne. A fantastic result for an amateur competing with professionals.