The Master Game

Whilst I don’t care much for watching television there have been occasional things that were really worth watching. From a chess point of view the undoubted highlight was The Master Game. The way this was done, with the players providing realistic commentary, has never been equalled in TV chess presentation. Even some non players have told me that they found it very entertaining.

Fortunately there are now many Master Game clips on Youtube, the following being one of my favorites. Viktor Korchnoi together with Vlastimil Hort were two of the most entertaining participants and their commentaries always contained some great insights.

Here’s the second part:

There are also a couple of books of different Master Game Series, both of which are worth getting in my opinion. Plus another great source of this kind of commentary is the book of the second Piatigorsky Cup played in Santa Monica in 1966.

Where these differ from most collections of annotated games is that the players say what they were ACTUALLY thinking during the games, there’s no dressing it up. And given their educational value I’m amazed that more such material hasn’t been produced.