The Midgame Struggle

I’m still struggling with the midgame. There’s that critical moment where I tend to slip up.

At the Colorado Class Championships over the past weekend, I went 1-1-2. I won and drew by  calculation and technique, but in my two losses, intellect couldn’t save a game that went south at the nexus for lack of inspiration and insight.

First, a nice ending from my only win. After an inferior midgame, I wriggled my way to an even-material positionally won endgame where White must be very careful not to let the win slip into a drawn queen ending.

In the following game, I found my way by calculation to the main line, only to play the lame 14. h2-h3 to guard g4 in place of the correct 14. Nc3-d1 with ideas like Nd1-e3 guarding both g4 and c4. Does anyone have a bottle of Dr. Bronner’s Magic Midgame Tonic? 🙂

Jacques Delaguerre