The Opening to the Middle Game Again

The solution to last Monday’s problem is that White should play 1.Nd3.

His plan is to launch a minority attack by playing b4 to b5. To help this plan, the Knight should be on d3 rather than f3. So it would not help White’s plan if he played 1.Nf3 as the Knight is not covering b4 and c5 in the way it is after White plays 1. Nd3.

This week’s problem is taken from a game by the English Grandmaster, Plaskett. He is a former British Champion. He is probably equally famous for having won a great deal of money on ‘Who wants to be a millionaire?’

White is to play. He has an isolated Queen’s Pawn. Should he settle down to a long defence of this pawn? What is the best way for White to approach this position?

Steven Carr

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