The Perils Of Cheating

It’s amazing what you can find on Youtube. This ancient clip shows Isaac Kashdan being interviewed by Groucho Marx with the latter exploring the possibility of cheating. Kashdan’s claim that cheating is impossible seems quite quaint in these days of computer/smartphone assistance via hidden transmitters or hand signals.

There is another aspect to cheating that nobody ever talks about, and that is how it can adversely affect the perpetrator. I take the view that a focus on anything that takes a player away from being ‘at one’ with the board and pieces is a serious distraction, so when anyone spends their time thinking how to cheat they will also be undermining their ability to play.

So it’s good to bear in mind that if an opponent is trying to distract you they could well be doing more damage to themselves. Unless of course you let it get to you in which case they’ve achieved their ‘goal’.