Time Pressure and Chess Blindness

In a previous post on chess blindness I mentioned the “chicken bone thing”. I have found my game against Michael J. Hoffer in which he explains this tactic in quite a bit of detail. Mike has a tendency to be obsessive – compulsive and his analysis of my game with him shows that trait. Mike was surprised when I mentioned the “chicken bone thing” to him after he sent me his notes on our game. He didn’t want me to know about it. As a result of seeing his notes I changed my move order whenever I played Black against him or his students. There was too much studying for me to do if I was to deal with it effectively.

One tip on clock management that I will give now is this; if a move is forced then take no longer to look at the move than what is necessary to confirm that the move is indeed forced. Then, play the forced move immediately and look at your opponent’s reply. It may not be what you were expecting and you would have wasted time looking at moves that were not played.

I think that Mike’s analysis is worth sharing and I really can’t add much to it. I will say that most of the blunders in this game that were made by both players resulted from extreme time pressure. Mike has a habit of taking too long to think about obvious and forced moves. Playing moves that surprise Mike is one of the best ways to get him into time trouble. Mike confirms this in his notes more than once.

You can learn more about Mike Hoffer by visiting his chess site Yes 2 Chess.

Mike Serovey