Training Materials

What training materials I am using at present? And can I recommend them?

At present, I am working my way through the Steppenmethode Step 6 workbook and the three Yusupov orange books.

I can recommend them, because they provide a systematic coverage of most of what I need to know at my level.

But the training material which is good for you is the training material which exposes weaknesses in you. If you go through a book and think to yourself that you understand everything in that book, then you won’t have learned as much as a book which took you three or four attempts before you got what was being explained.

So what weaknesses in my game have my training materials found?

I am poor at positional play and poor at endgames that require exact calculation.

As an exercise, ask yourself ‘What weaknesses came to light while reading the last chess book I read?’

That will be an interesting exercise which should help you improve.

Steven Carr

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I am 57 years old, and I am trying to improve my standard of play. From 1998 to 2012, I had a break from chess, playing very few games in that period. I now play more competitive chess and I currently have a English grading of 184. I hope to get a grading of over 200 one day. I normally play in the Merseyside League and play Board 1 for Wallasey.