Update on 3rd British Webserver Team Tournament Division One

I was beginning to think that every game was going to be drawn in Division 1 of the 3rd British Webserver Team Tournament. I suppose that, because there can be quite a difference in gradings between the players on each board, E.G. 200 to 300 points or more, then the stronger players play carefully and the weaker players are only too happy to draw against a higher rated player. Fortunately, someone had a win at last, which happened to be me on Board 3 for the ‘Pawn Star’ Team, who had won the 1st Tournament and came runners up in the 2nd! A few others have followed my example and have also won their games, although the percentage of draws is still about 81% as I write which includes 2 games which were lost on time. How can you lose on time in a CC game? Well it does happen.

It is difficult to see the leaders at this stage, even with 75% of the games completed, as some teams have finished more games than others. Probably the best indicator is to quote the percentage scores of each team. Last year’s winners, ‘ICCF Warriors’, have 60%, ‘Pawn Stars’ have 58% and ‘BCCA Kings’ have 53% but there is still a lot to play for. The latest news can be found here www.iccf.com/event?id=53439

Here is my first win, hopefully, not my last: –

John Rhodes