Update on Adrian Hollis Memorial

After nearly a year the games in the Adrian Hollis Memorial are now over halfway completed with the current leader being GM Nigel Robson with a score of 5 / 7 with three games to finish. Of course, it is quite possible that other players will catch him when their games are finished. This is probably the strongest ever British Correspondence Chess Tournament with all British players.

Most of the games have been really hard fought, especially as there is a small monetary inducement for any wins, although personally, I am sure most players, including myself, just play for the glory!  Unfortunately, only completed games are viewable on the following link to the crosstable page on the ICCF server : – https://www.iccf.com/event?id=41391

I was pleased to draw the following game against ICCF GM John Pugh, especially with the Black pieces. Remember that from this year ICCF games are subject to the six piece tablebase rule so, even with the possibility of being a knight up, I knew that a draw was almost inevitable! I played as far as I could until my opponent could have forced a ‘tablebase draw’.

John Rhodes