Updates on 2017 British and English Correspondence Championships

At the time of writing I am leading both championships!

I do not expect this to last, especially in the British, as every game has, so far, been drawn. So, in reality, everyone is equal, with myself on 5 / 10 and CCM Gareth Yeo (WLS) also on 5 / 10 and  CCM David Cumming (SCO) on 4.5 / 9 etc.  This is typical of many correspondence tournaments nowadays with most of the draws occurring in the first half, then the decisive results later on.

In the English I have now finished all my games with 8 / 14 (+2, =12, -0) and I am just waiting for everyone else to catch or overtake me! My nearest rival, CCE Mark Eldridge has 7 / 12 (+2, =10, -0) so has every chance with SIM Stan Grayland on 7 / 14 (+2, =10, -2) but mathematically any of nine others could still catch us!

Whatever the final results I am pleased enough about my performances and here is my second win in the English Championship against the only GM and highest rated entrant: –

John Rhodes