Updates on British and English Correspondence Chess Championships

The British Correspondence Chess Championship Final has now been running since 1st October 2016. As with all correspondence tournaments it is not always easy to gauge the winner until most of the games have finished, as some players like to play slower than others. With 88 games finished and 17 still in play, the player with the most points is IM Tony Balshaw from Wales with 7.5 / 12 (+3 =9 -0), next is Brian Thompson from England with 7 / 12 (+3 =8 -1) and IM Bill Lumley from England with 7 / 12 (+2 =10 -0). I have finished my tournament with a rather disappointing score of 6.5 / 14 (+1 =11 -2). My last game, where I thought I had a good position, ended in yet another draw! You can view the crosstable here.

The 1st English Correspondence Chess Championship Final started on 31st March 2017 and, so far, 13 games have finished as draws with 92 games ongoing. No player really wants to be the first loser in a tournament, so often the decisive games take longer. The player with the most points is David Evans with 3 / 6, then SIM Alan Rawlings with 2.5 / 5 and myself with 2 / 4. These results only reflect the faster moving players and it could change completely by the end! You can view the crosstable here.

Meanwhile, here is my final British Championship game: –

John Rhodes