What Was I Thinking Back in 1978?

I am going through some of my old chess score books and adding those chess games into my database. This is time consuming as I am also analyzing these games as I go through them. I have barely started on this project.

The following chess game is from the 1978 Golden Knights Postal Championship. Back then, I failed to get past the first round of the Golden Knights and I would end up being in the Golden Squires for Round Two. I never made it to the third round. This series of games was played long before I ever owned a computer!

I was in the US Army at the time that this chess game was played, but I should have been done with my training and should have had access to a chess board and set. I cannot explain my blunder on move number 28, nor can I explain why I played an opening that is not a normal part of my repertoire.

Mike Serovey