Where do you play Correspondence Chess?

As it is impossible to cover in a short article every correspondence chess organisation in the world, I will list some that I know about, and most I have experience of, from being based here in England: –

British Federation for Correspondence Chess       http://www.bfcc-online.org.uk
Extracts from their website – “The role of the Federation is to harmonize the efforts of the various British CC bodies, organise and maintain national CC championships, and organise participation in international tournaments and matches.”

British Correspondence Chess Association       http://www.bcca.info
Extracts from their website – “Welcoming All Players Since 1906! For over 100 years BCCA has been meeting the needs of Correspondence Chess Players with a comprehensive range of Tournaments and Competitions. All levels are catered for with Medals, Trophies and Titles available to be won. Play by Webserver, Email or Post at a time and pace that suits you. BCCA members also have the opportunity to play in both home and international team matches.”

National Correspondence Chess Club       http://www.natcor.org.uk
Extracts from their website – “Welcome to the National Correspondence Chess Club, also known as Natcor or NCCC. The cornerstone of our philosophy is to foster friendship between our members by encouraging the correspondence and communication aspects of the game from a brief note of greeting to full-blown discussions on the state of the economy, sports or other interests. We offer a wide range of tournaments catering for all standards of play, ages and circumstances.”

SchemingMind Correspondence Chess Club       http://www.schemingmind.com
Extracts from their website – “Play Online Correspondence Chess at SchemingMind
‘Amberley excelled at chess – one mark, Watson of a scheming mind.’ Conan-Doyle
Welcome to SchemingMind Correspondence Chess Club, where you can play correspondence chess and chess variants against 641 active chess players from all around the world!”

Braille Chess Association       http://www.braillechess.org.uk
Extracts from their website – “Welcome to the BCA! Promoting and supporting visually impaired chess players in the UK, registered charity no. 263049. The Objects of the Association shall be the furtherance of education amongst the blind in relation to the game of chess….”

International Correspondence Chess Federation       http://www.iccf.com
Extracts from their website – “ICCF was founded in 1951 as a new appearance of the ICCA (International Correspondence Chess Association), which was founded in 1945, as successor of the IFSB (Internationaler Fernschachbund), founded in 1928. Aljechin (Alekhine), Keres and Euwe have been well-known enthusiastic correspondence chess players during some periods of their chess career. ICCF organizes all kind of tournaments: individual and team championships, title norm tournaments and promotion tournaments (from Open Class until Master Class). Both in postal and in webserver versions.”

ChessWorld.net       http://www.chessworld.net
Extracts from their website – “Playing Quality Online Chess Since 2001. ChessWorld is one of the very few dedicated correspondence style sites. We focus all our resources on quality correspondence style chess; we do not offer other styles of play or chess variants. Join thousands of active Members from hundreds of Countries around the Globe, celebrating playing chess Games with Chessworld Globe icons! We have Tournaments of all kinds –Thematic, Teams and Leagues, All-play-All, Knockout and Pyramids. We have a wealth of learning resources including Library Games, Forums, Tips, Puzzles, Messages and Free Videos.”

Social Correspondence Chess Association       http://www.scca.org.uk
Extracts from their website – “The SCCA was established in 1940 to provide quality Correspondence, Web Server and Email chess to players of all standards. Within the SCCA you will find like-minded friends who wish to enjoy the game of correspondence chess. The SCCA is a founder member of the British Federation of Correspondence Chess. This allows our members to play in both National Tournaments through the BFCC and International Tournaments through the International Correspondence Chess Federation.”

I hope that you have been able to find an association that suits you. As you are reading this you may already belong to a chess club where over-the-board chess is played and which is likely to be affiliated to a county chess association. Most counties do have a correspondence chess team which, I am quite sure, would welcome new players, which is how I started my correspondence chess career.